The good news is that authentic presence can be learned and developed with proper training.

Many people think charisma and presence are innate abilities. Either you're a natural speaker or not. But we disagree. Our trainers have extensive training in performance—vocal, physical, text, emotion—and have entertained audiences all over the globe. We can teach you simple, practical techniques to express your message authentically, while captivating your audience every time.


Don't let fear get in your way! Utilize it for greater energy and presence.

"Fear is excitement without breath." –Joseph Heller

The fear of public speaking is almost universal and ranks up there with the fear of death, suffocation, and spiders. With The Moxy Lab you'll learn:

• Practical strategies to navigate fear, so you feel grounded, confident, and energized while speaking.
• How to connect with and engage your audience simply by being yourself and in the moment.
• Key physical and vocal techniques so you project yourself and your message with clarity and confidence.
• Fundamental design principles for your slides, so they support your message and entertain your audience, instead of overwhelming them.

Workshops can be catered to address the need of your team, and be structured as a one-day seminar or, for maximum results, weekly workshops. Individual follow-up coaching is also available.