As a collaborative team, our experience span performance, education, writing, improvisation, design, architecture, cooking, and more. We utilize these skills to engage the creativity of your team and communicate artfully.

Photo Credit: Peter Hellberg

Shana Cordon: creative consultant, Renaissance woman. 

Shana brings a lifetime of experience in education and the arts to consulting and facilitating. Her work supports purpose-driven individuals and teams to communicate with greater clarity and to collaborate with skill. Individuals learn to present with presence, and groups discover new methods to access creativity and innovative solutions. Utilizing principles of improvisation and iterative creative processes, Shana fosters an ensemble group dynamic. In addition, she supports individual growth as a one-on-one coach. 

As a committed artist herself,  Shana can be seen on stage improvising and performing, or wandering the streets with camera in hand in Denver, Colorado. Her original performances have toured internationally to acclaim.

Photo Credit: Mitya Ku

Photo Credit: Mitya Ku

John Barbour: writer, educator, designer, architect.

As an architect and designer, John has worked on projects for billionaires, for disadvantaged communities, and for everyone in between, practicing in multiple states and on three continents. As an educator, he has lectured to thousands of students and academics at universities in the United States, Australia, and Italy. As a writer, he polishes language for government agencies and corporations; then, in his so-called spare time, he churns out science fiction for internationally lauded publishers (some pseudonyms may apply). John loves thorny challenges and can only think in straight lines when using a T-square.